PV panels are the main component of a solar-electric system and determine its output capacity. Photons of light strike the semiconductor cells of a solar panel exciting electrons which then flow as a stream of direct (DC) current.

PV panels are rated in watts based on the maximum power they can produce under ideal sun and temperature conditions. The more directly the sun strikes the panels and the lower the air temperature around the panels results in the highest production. The individual panel rated output is used to determine how many panels would be needed to meet the requirements of a specific electrical demand. Multiple panels are usually wired together to achieve a desired quality of electrical output and are called strings. All the strings together are called an array.

Rigid panels are the most common form of solar electricity generation because to date they have by far the highest level of efficiency. PV modules are very durable and long lasting. All panels sold by Edison Solar & Wind carrying a 25-year manufacturer warrantee. They can withstand severe weather, including extreme heat, cold, and the contact of limited size hail stones.

Canadian Solar

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Hanwha QCell

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