We offer some of the most durable, long-lasting mounting equipment in the industry. IronRidge, ProSolar, and UniRac are among the most trusted names in mounting equipment. Their products are made primarily out of aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring optimal weathering resistance.


IronRidge flat top two-piece aluminum Flush Mount Standoffs are ideal for flush mounted systems and are sized to integrate easily with QuickMount PV flashings. Standoffs are available in 4 lengths ranging from 3-in. to 7-in. They ship pre-assembled and include L-foot mounting hardware.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
3-inch Standoff, Flush Mount, Mill Finish51-6003-500L 8.65
4-inch standoff, Flush Mount, Mill Finish51-6004-500L 9.31
6-inch standoff, Flush Mount, Mill Finish51-6006-500L 10.18
7-inch standoff, Flush Mount, Mill Finish51-6007-500L 11.13

IronRidge L-feet are made of extruded aluminum and are strong enough for commercial or residential applications. Its vertical slot make it easy for installers to keep the array level even with irregularities in the roof. Prices listed are for quantities of 4.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
4 Clear IronRidge L-Feet with hardwareRS-LFT-001 10.76
4 Black IronRidge L-Feet with hardwareRS-LFT-001B 10.89

IronRidge Tilt Legs attach directly to IronRidge Standard (XRS) and to IronRidge Light (XRL) Rails. The simple design provides adjustability in all 3 axes, and a variety of lengths cover most angles. Each Tilt Leg Kit comes with the shorter front leg, the longer rear leg, mounting brackets and hardware. Tilt Legs are manufactured using 6061-T6 aluminum.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
28-inch Adjustable Tilt Leg51-7528-028H 19.36
0-40 degree tilt leg, 10-inch & 6-inch51-7200-010 23.40
0-40 degree tilt leg, 15-inch & 6-inch51-7215-015 24.92
0-40 degree tilt leg, 30-inch & 6-inch51-7230-030 29.37

The IronRidge XRS Standard Rail is IronRidge's premium, best selling, best performing rail. Spanning over 12 feet between mounts under most load conditions, this rail has slots for both top and bottom mounting. The Standard Rail's Strength Curve profile enables longer spans between mounts than any other rail in the industry. The XRS rail is manufactured using extruded 6005A-T5, 6105-T6 aluminum and is available in clear or black anodized finish.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Clear Anodized Aluminum XRS Rail, 12-foot51-7000-144A 40.44
Clear Anodized Aluminum XRS Rail, 14-foot51-7000-168A 49.65
Clear Anodized Aluminum XRS Rail, 16-foot51-7000-192A 53.91
Clear Anodized Aluminum XRS Rail, 18-foot51-7000-216A 63.73

IronRidge's internal splice bars easily extend Standard and Light Rails. The internal splice bars do not interfere with clamping or with mounting, and offer a near seamless appearance. Standard (XRS) Rail and Light (XRL) Rail Splices are made with extruded 6063-T3 aluminum. Hardware is included.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
XRL Splice Kit with 4 Tek Screws29-7000-000 5.44

This optional assembly kit is for installations that require extra support. It includes the brace, sleeves, and hardware for installation between one north and south pair of support legs.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
SGA 2-inch, 7.5-foot brace assembly70-0200-CBR 108.54
SGA 3-inch, 7.5-foot brace assembly70-0300-CBR 124.15

IronRidge Rail Connectors secure IronRidge Standard Rails to schedule 40 horizontal cross pipes. Each Standard Rail requires two connectors to create a secure attachment. These Rail Connectors are available for both 2-inch and 3-inch sizes, and are manufactured using extruded 6105-T5 aluminum.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
SGA Rail Connector for 2-inch pipe29-7001-001 10.76
SGA Rail Connector for 3-inch pipe29-7001-000 10.94

IronRidge's heavy duty steel top caps secure quickly and easily to schedule 40 pipe with 3 set screws. Available in sizes that fit either 2-inch or 3-inch schedule 40 pipe, this top cap supports cross (schedule 40) piping with U-bolt hardware. The top caps are manufactured using cast steel ASTM A216.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
SGA Top Cap for 2-inch pipe70-0200-SGA 31.10
SGA Top Cap for 3-inch pipe70-0300-SGA 41.14

Edison Solar carries all varieties of IronRidge end clamps and mid clamps, as well as a multitude of unlisted accessories. If you don't see the one you're looking for, send us an email with the desired quantity, panel frame size, and whether you'd like a dark or clear finish. Each purchase unit contains a quantity of 4 end clamps.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
4 Clear End Clamp A for 33.3-34.8mm frames29-7000-134 7.49
4 Clear End Clamp B for 35.1-36.6mm frames29-7000-224 7.49
4 Clear End Clamp C for 39.1-40.6mm frames29-7000-157 4.65
4 Clear End Clamp E for 42.7-44.2mm frames29-7000-171 2.32
4 Clear End Clamp F for 45.2-46.7mm frames29-7000-214 4.65
4 Clear End Clamp G for 49.3-50.8mm frames29-7000-204 7.49
4 Clear End Clamp I for 31.0-32.5mm frames29-7000-125 4.65
4 Clear End Clamp J for 41.1-42.7mm frames29-7000-165 2.35
4 Clear End Clamp L for 33mm frames29-7000-130 7.49
4 Clear Mid Clamps for 30-37mm frames29-7000-157 5.62
4 Clear Mid Clamps for 38-45mm frames29-7000-101 5.62
4 Clear Mid Clamps for 45-52mm frames29-7000-108 5.62
4 Clear Mid Clamps for 52-60mm frames29-7000-104 5.62


EJOT's JA3 and JZ3 fasteners (spec sheet) offer a system to fasten, mount, and seal solar arrays where a trapezoidal or corrugated roof prevents the installer from directly tapping a secure point.

JA3 bolts are made for applications with wooden substructures such as purlins, tresses and rafters. JZ3 bolts are threaded to be used on special applications with metal substructures. Fasteners have a variety of lengths but all have a 5/16 inch diameter.

Prices are per box of 50

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
3.15-inch long fastener for woodJA3-SB-8.0 x 80/50 FZD 248.5
5.12-inch long fastener for woodJA3-SB-8.0 x 130/50 FZD 274.5
5.91-inch long fastener for woodJA3-SB-8.0 x 150/50 FZD 280
7.87-inch long fastener for woodJA3-SB-8.0 x 200/50 FZD 319.50
3.15-inch long fastener for metalJZ3-SB-8.0 x 80/50 FZD 250.5
4.92-inch long fastener for metalJZ3-SB-8.0 x 125/50 FZD 262.00
5.91-inch long fastener for metalJZ3-SB-8.0 x 150/50 FZD 272.5
7.87-inch long fastener for woodJZ3-SB-8.0 x 200/50 FZD 303.5


ProSolar contends that their FastJack standoffs are the most efficient and cost-effective products of their kind. The commercial series have been laboratory tested to 3,600 pounds of vertical pullout strength using a single Stainless Steel lag bolt (included). Product is constructed of only high-quality solid Aluminum and Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and high strength. Hardware is not included in the commercial series.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
4.5-inch Commercial FastJack E-series standoffCFJE-450 8.07
6-inch Commercial FastJack E-series standoffCFJE-600-1 8.95
8-inch Commercial FastJack E-series standoffCFJE-800-1 9.44
10-inch Commercial FastJack E-series standoffCFJE-1000-1 10.16
12-inch Commercial FastJack E-series standoffCFJE-1200-1 10.89
2-inch FastJack E-series standoffFJE-200-1 5.34
3-inch FastJack E-series standoffFJE-300-1 8.11
4.5-inch FastJack E-series standoffFJE-450-1 7.01
3-inch FastJack standoffFJ-300-1 7.84
4.5-inch FastJack standoffFJ-450-1 8.83
6-inch FastJack standoffFJ-600-1 9.80
7.5-inch FastJack standoffFJ-750-1 10.41
4.5-inch FoamJack standoff, 3/8-inch postFMJ-450-38-1L 8.35
Aluminum FastJack Flashing and CollarFJE-Flash-1 5.32
FastJack 2X Bracket (Allows for 2 rails per standoff)A-FJT-1 7.71

The ProSolar Roof Trac support rail was designed to conceal all attachment hardware. All connections are made inside the support rail hidden from view. It uses a fully integrated clamping system which actually changes the structural properties of the aluminum channel- making it significantly stronger. This design allows solar modules to be installed at a lower profile to the roof, providing a more aesthetically pleasing installation.

All exposed aluminum is fully anodized to module manufacturer specifications.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
136-inch support rail, 1.5-inch depthR-136 22.02
124-inch support rail, 2.5-inch depthR-124D 25.89
136-inch support rail, 2.5-inch depthR-136D 28.32
136-inch support rail, 3-inch depthR-136XD 32.79
164-inch support rail, 3-inch depthR-164XD 39.81
172-inch support rail, 3-inch depthR-172XD 41.75
Splice Bar for 1.5-inch and 2.5-inch railsA-SPLICE-1 4.46
Splice Bar for 3-inch railsA-SPLICE-XD-1 4.87

SolarWedge by ProSolar is an innovative low profile commercial/residential PV mounting system. The system provides an easy-to-install and economical solution for 5, 10 or 15 degree structural attachment. SolarWedge integrates with ProSolar's patented top-down commercial RoofTrac and FoamJack stanchion products. The system dramatically lowers installation and shipping costs while optimizing installed wattage on the roof.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
5-degree SolarWedge: 3-in lower & 7.5-in upper postSW5-1 25.05
10-degree SolarWedge: 3-in lower & 11-in upper postsSW10-1 26.02
15-degree SolarWedge: 3-in lower & 15.5-in upper postsSW15-1 29.28

Pro Solar's Tiletrac attachment allows for a structural roof rafter connection with optimal attachment stud location adjustability on roof mounts with concrete tile. Design results in sleek, stylishly-mounted systems.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
4-inch stud mount with subflashing and hardwareTT-1-T4-SF
6-inch stud mount with subflashing and hardwareTT-1-T6-SF

ProSolar offers roof flashing templates enable roof tile to be trimmed in seconds around Oatey (TEMP-OAT) flashings. It makes for easy and accurate composition shingle flashing with a professional trim cut. They work well with roof cutting hook blade or Malco TurboShears for high volume installers.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Oatey Flashing TemplateTEMP-OAT 27.59

The RoofTrac Tilt Up Kit is an easy-to-install acessory for your RoofTrac system. It can be used with patented RoofTrac support rail for tilts up to approx. 28 degrees and has been tested for major module lines up to 50 lb/ft2 (125 mph wind equivalent.) Its construction is entirely of aluminum and stainless steel so as to prevent corrosion. (When integrating this product with the FastJack attachment device, the installer MUST use strut to grid the system.)

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
ProSolar Tilt Up Kit (3 legs)A-TU24-1 45.98

Edison Solar carries a multitude of ProSolar racking components. Listed below is their line of clear mid clamps and end clamps. Call or email to order these clamps in black or if you don't see what you're looking for.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 30.7-31.2mm framesC1210EC 0.69
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 34.4-35.0mm framesC1358EC-1 2.12
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 35.4-35.9mm framesC1396EC-1 2.12
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 37.7-38.2mm framesC1486EC-1 0.68
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 39.9-40.4mm framesC1572EC-1 0.68
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 40.7-41.3mm framesC1606EC-1 0.68
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 42.0-42.6mm framesC1660EC-1 0.68
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 42.8-43.4mm framesC1707EC-1 0.68
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 44.7-45.2mm framesC1762EC-1 0.67
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 45.9-46.4mm framesC1810EC-1 2.12
ProSolar Clear End Clamp for 45.9-50.4mm framesC1968EC-1 2.12
ProSolar Clear Mid Clamp for 27-33mm framesC200IMC-1 0.68
ProSolar Clear Mid Clamp for 49-55mm framesC275IMC-1 2.12
ProSolar Channel Nut (Required for end/mid clamps)P-CN-1 0.47


The UniRac SolarMount is the most versatile PV mounting rail system on the market today. It can be assembled into a wide variety of PV mounting structures to accommodate any job site.

Standard SolarMount rails give you ultimate flexibility, including bottom mounting and tilt-up options.

SolarMount HD (heavy duty) rails add the SolarMount advantage to custom applications that require long spans.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
132-inch Clear Aluminum Rail310132C 38.83
132-inch Mill Finish Aluminum Rail310132M 34.85
168-inch Clear Aluminum Rail310168C 50.82
168-inch Dark Rail310168D 59.41
168-inch Mill Finish Aluminum Rail310168M 42.71
208-inch Clear Aluminum Rail310208C 63.40
208-inch Mill Finish Aluminum Rail310208M 49.84
240-inch Clear Aluminum Rail310240C 74.05
SolarMount 240-inch Dark Rail310240D 77.56
SolarMount 240-inch Mill Finish Aluminum Rail310240M 57.45
144-inch Heavy Duty Mill Finish Aluminum Rail301009 82.02
168-inch Heavy Duty Mill Finish Aluminum Rail301011 95.47
204-inch Heavy Duty Mill Finish Aluminum Rail301014 114.78
SolarMount 240-inch Heavy Duty Rail301017 134.43

The following L-foot, splice bar and splice plate are made for use with UniRac's SolarMount rails and are designed for integrated bonding throughout the system.

Clear Serrated L-Foot w/ Integrated Bonding304001C 2.64
Dark Serrated L-Foot w/ Integrated Bonding304001D 2.76
Clear Serrated Splice Bar w/ Integrated Bonding303018C 4.75
Dark Serrated Splice Bar w/ Integrated Bonding303018D 5.23

UniRac offers a range of standoff options for UniRac standard and heavy-duty rail mounting systems. They come in Flat-top varieties (pictured above left), as well as with flange connections (below right).

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
SolarMount 3-Inch Zinc-plated Flat-top Standoff004301G 3.33
SolarMount 3-Inch Clear Raised Flange Standoff004302G 10.88
SolarMount 4-Inch Zinc Plated Flat-top Standoff004401G 11.93
SolarMount 2-piece 3-Inch Clear Flat-top Standoff004300C 6.86
SolarMount 2-piece 3-Inch Dark Flat-top Standoff004300D 7.20
SolarMount 2-piece 4-Inch Clear Flat-top Standoff004400C 7.44
SolarMount 2-piece 4-Inch Dark Flat-top Standoff004400D 7.88
SolarMount 2-piece 6-Inch Clear Flat-top Standoff004600C 8.71
SolarMount 2-piece 6-Inch Dark Flat-top Standoff004600D 8.71
SolarMount 2-piece 7-Inch Clear Flat-top Standoff004700C 9.44
SolarMount 2-piece 7-Inch Dark Flat-top Standoff004700D 9.68

UniRac's various tilt legs allow for the optimum output in almost any application. Ranging from 12-inch low-profile legs to a 72-inch adjustable design, their tube design allows for easy extension to any length.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
72-inch Adjustable Tilt Leg (w/o L-Foot)307134M 49.00
44-inch Adjustable Tilt Leg310123M 25.27
30-inch Adjustable Tilt Leg310122 23.99
12-inch Adjustable Tilt Leg310121 22.23
34-inch Fixed Tilt Leg307034M 6.10
20-inch Fixed Tilt Leg307020M 3.95
15-inch Fixed Tilt Leg307015M 11.35
7-inch Fixed Tilt Leg307007M 2.75

Edison Solar carries many UniRac racking accessories. Listed below are the popular pre-assembled clear end clamps and integrated-grounding mid clamps for the SolarMount system. All of these accessories are also available in dark finish. If you don't see what you're looking for, please send us an email with the desired item and quantity.

All UniRac end and mid clamps now ship pre assembled!

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Pre-assembled Clear SolarMount End Clamp B for 30-32mm frames302021C 2.16
Pre-assembled Clear SolarMount End Clamp C for 34-36mm frames302022C 2.16
Pre-assembled Clear SolarMount End Clamp D for 38-40mm frames302023C 2.15
Clear SolarMount End Clamp E for 50-52mm frames302005C 1.19
Pre-assembled Clear SolarMount End Clamp E for 50-52mm frames302024C 1.54
Clear SolarMount End Clamp F for 45-47mm frames302006C 0.40
Pre-assembled Clear SolarMount End Clamp F for 45-47mm frames302025C 2.15
Clear SolarMount End Clamp J for 41-43mm frames302008C 0.40
Clear SolarMount End Clamp K for 39-41mm frames302009C 1.19
Clear SolarMount End Clamp K for 39-41mm frames302026C 2.15
Clear SolarMount Mid Clamp for 30-36mm frames302027C 2.52
Clear SolarMount Mid Clamp for 38-41mm frames302029C 2.52
Clear SolarMount Mid Clamp for 45-52mm frames302028C 2.52
Clear SolarMount Bottom Mount Clamp302000C 0.95

The Unirac RoofMount ballast-mounting system is designed for simple installation on flat roof commercial structures where traditional L-foot and standoff mounting is difficult. Its components are designed to create a 10-degree tilt on each panel. Each ballast tray is only 3.5 lbs and easily collapsible, making installation quick and simple. The following components make up the RoofMount system.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
RoofMount Ballast Bay310710 47.92
RoofMount Hex Bolt310751 0.65
RoofMount Module Clip310750 1.44
RoofMount Roof Pad310760 2.58

The WEEB family of solar grounding lugs and clips are the most widely-used grounding method for solar applications. The WEEB Lug is drilled to the frame of the panel to create a gas-tight connection with the wire. Additionally, many applications use the grounding clips as ways of creating an electrical bond between frames.

Item DescriptionPart NumberPrice
WEEB 1/4-in Grounding Lug w/ hardwareWEEB-LUG-6.7 5.41
WEEB Grounding Clip for UniRacWEEB-UMC 1.17
WEEB Grounding Clip for IronRidgeWEEB-DMC 1.17
WEEB Grounding Clip for ProSolarWEEB-PMC 1.15
WEEB Bonding Jumper 6.7WEEB-BNDJMP6.7 8.17
WEEB Bonding Jumper for 8.0WEEB-BNDJMP8.0 6.95