Our Focus

Edison Solar is a complete solar electric energy supplier. We can handle all phases of most any solar project we undertake.

Our focus is on grid-tie-in systems which provide the consumer with the benefits of having their own power generation and the electric company's storage capacity and security of supply.

What we do starts chronologically with a site analysis to see what is possible where you are located. If our feasibility study shows that a solar energy system will work at your site, we will help you determine what type and size of system will be needed to supply your power demand. We will also inform you of the permits and/or variances, if any, you must obtain in order to proceed.

Edison Solar at an Install Site

The Installations

If you decide to proceed further, our staff will assist you with any grant forms for which your project is eligible. These forms require technical engineering data that we will supply. We are also prepared to explain the federal tax renewable energy benefits. Roughly 50% of some commercial renewable energy projects can be paid for by government grants and tax credits.

After the solar system is producint power, the one-year Edison Solar warranty period will begin, to be followed by the manufactures' warranties. Edison Solar uses the highest quality components from companies well established in the U.S. so that in the rare event that a warranty issue arises, you do not have to speak Chinese to exercise your warranty. Companies that are well established in the U.S. are important when warrantee periods for solar components extend for decades.

Edison Solar at an Install Site


Our clients show just how well Edison Solar lives up to the standards of integrity, quality, and experience

Mr. Kademenos - Solar installed at residence - Statement

Dennis E. Murray, Jr - Solar installed at business - Statement